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GSF ADRIA d.o.o.


GSF ADRIA d.o.o. is a company founded on the tradition of successful business of its founder GSF DI SCHIAVI s.r.l. Rottofreno, Piacenza, Italy.

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Our team consists of experts from all branches of business who are necessary for safe and successful investment in real estate in Croatia (from planning and design to realization and sale)..

All members of our team have many years of experience in project development, investment in the construction of high-quality luxury real estate for the market, design, consulting and management of investment projects in construction and sale of luxury buildings.

Professionalism, expertise, modern approach and responsibility in work have enabled us to provide our clients with consulting services and development of residential, commercial, commercial or tourist projects.

The absolute dedication of our team members and collaborators through participation in all phases of the project — from idea to realization, is the foundation of our success.

We believe in knowledge, innovation and trust, and with these assumptions we are building a center of excellence that actively participates in the creation of new values on the market.


+385 91 506 75 20

Monday - Friday: 08.00h – 16.00h


Vladimira Nazora 7
52440 Poreč- Parenzo, Croatia

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